Hi everyone, it’s me, Roy! Woof!

It’s been such a long time since my Mummy last updated my blog. I really wanted to get it started again, because I know everyone is missing me, and since I’m a big boy now and have been doing such a good job with my Facebook page, Mummy says I can handle the blog on my own as well. Hooray!

So here’s a quick summary of my life and adventures so far. I turned 2 in January, so I’m all grown up now. My obedience classes are going well (in fact I’ve just come back from one) and I’m loving my agility classes too! I have a new activity to add – Heelwork to Music! I do that every Thursday, and have been learning all kinds of new tricks. I get to jump around, walk backwards and everything, and best of all, I get yummy sausage and duck treats!! And don’t tell anyone, but… sometimes, when no one is looking, and if I’m quick enough, I sneak up to other people in the class and grab some of their treats too!! Heeheehee!!! Shhh…

What else? Oh, I’m going to be a model! That’s right, I’ve been thinking about my career options lately (since I’m a big dog and everything). I did briefly consider becoming a police dog, but when I visited the police station, the officer there made a fuss of me and spoke to me in a baby voice! I was so embarrassed; obviously he saw me as a cute dog instead of a potential colleague. Looking back on it, I guess it was for the best, because I’m not very brave and I think a lot of the things police dogs have to do would be quite scary. For instance, I once saw a police dog walking along, when a banner near him flapped!!!! I thought he would hide behind his human’s legs for sure, but he didn’t even blink!! He was so brave.

Anyway, I reviewed my skill set and I think show business is right for me. I love posing for photos and doing tricks, and everyone tells me I’m very handsome. Mummy supported my ambitions, and one of her friends has a husband who is a photographer, so he kindly helped us out with taking some pictures for my portfolio. If you follow me on Facebook then you’ll already have seen them, but if you haven’t, here they are:

Roy sheltie photoshoot

Roy sheltie photoshoot 2

Roy sheltie photoshoot 3

This is my favourite blanket! You can’t see it but it has my name embroidered on it.


Roy sheltie photoshoot 4

Roy sheltie photoshoot 5

Roy sheltie photoshoot 6

I love this trick! It’s also fun to practise it when Mummy is doing push ups, or the plank.


Roy sheltie photoshoot 7 shake paw

I was a little confused when I did this. We don’t normally shake paws for so long! But now I get it. We have a nice photo!


Roy sheltie photoshoot 8 shake paw

Roy sheltie photoshoot 9 bow

If you want to be a polite dog, you need to learn how to bow and shake paws with people you meet.


For these two photos, we experimented with different coloured backgrounds. Unfortunately the paper in the studio was a little dirty, but I’m putting these up anyway because I still look cute, right?

Roy sheltie photoshoot 10

Roy sheltie photoshoot 11

Roy sheltie photoshoot 12 Jump

Look at me fly!


I hope you liked them! I think it’s time for a nap now. Did I do a good job with my first blog post? Bye!


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  1. tippysmom2 says:

    You did an excellent job, Roy. You are very handsome, photogenic and talented. I think you have made the correct career choice. I look forwarded to reading all about it. Good luck.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gill king says:

    I have a little trrie girl and I think your Roy and my bramble are very much alike I will send you a pic and see what you think

    Liked by 1 person

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