A little bigger every day. =)

(All photos by Lian Knight, Licosateria Shelties)

12371_10151965786132205_1627092064_n 75944_10151965793702205_1700128352_n 150369_10151965789932205_1241931372_n 1507577_10151965794837205_1807555285_n 1618580_10151965795902205_57282343_n 1781863_10151965798047205_133563289_n 1900109_10151965791627205_1960776884_n 1911847_10151965790497205_2034386266_n


2 responses »

  1. Samalam says:

    Whee!!! The puppy in the second pic looks smart get him!


    • Haha, I noticed 1 view immediately after I posted this, and knew it must be from my only follower. =D

      Yes he’s super cute and I like him a lot!! But I’ll need to wait till I meet them all in person (in dog?) before I decide.


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